Verve Group Consulting is an alternative legal service provider that is bringing a value buying experience to the legal market.

We focus on the legal work that is necessary to help you achieve your company’s business goals and objectives. We provide lawyers with expertise and proficiency, and we do so with a strategy that ensures you of pricing that is cost-effective and predictable.

Some Of The Companies Our Founders Have Helped:


We have expertise and proficiency, not just experience.

As is true with pilots and surgeons, we believe that expertise and proficiency are far more important than mere experience. It's not just that your pilot has flown a lot of miles, or that your surgeon has performed a lot of surgeries, but it's that they have done so—without incident.

Our lawyers have time-tested subject matter expertise.

Each has at least 15 years of in-house experience at Fortune 500 companies. They bring all of the qualities acquired from their experience and proficiency working in-house, such as problem solving, listening, communication, quality and reliability.

In addition, we believe that expertise and proficiency are not common to everyone, and so we choose to work with only a finite number of lawyers who possess these skills.

This way, we can invest the proper time needed to get to know them, understand their true expertise and determine how they can help our clients.

Our Focus:


Privacy, Compliance & Ethics, Regulatory

  • Research and digest new regulations.

  • Identify risks.

  • Create policies, procedures and templates.

  • Create curriculum and deliver training, as well as measure and audit effectiveness.


Business Contracts, Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Identify inconsistencies and risks.

  • Highlight favorable terms, conditions and pricing.

  • Spot check for issues regarding obligations and dates.


How do we provide this value buying experience?

Our strategy is built upon deep and detailed collaboration with our clients.


1. Planning

We begin by meeting with our clients to understand their specific goals, timelines, and budgets.

2. Designing

Next we collaborate with our lawyers to create a strategy based on their subject matter expertise.

3. Implementing

Verve Group Consulting and its lawyers execute on the strategic plan.




Association of Corporate Growth is the global community for middle market M&A dealmakers and business leaders focused on driving growth.


BioNJ's mission is to enhance the growth and prosperity of the life sciences industry in New Jersey.

Verve Group Consulting will help you when you don’t have the expertise available in-house or when you don’t have the budget to hire outside counsel.
— Larry Samilow, Co-Founder & Managing Director